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The human race doesn’t solve problems. Instead we treat the symptoms of our problems and believe this is the same thing. But finding the cause of a problem, and fixing it, gets rid of the problem whereas treating the symptoms of a problem leaves the problem in place, and makes more symptoms.

Nowhere is this more true than the phenomena we call mental illness. There is only one mental illness, and we all suffer from it. In automotive terms, the human race has been running in "limp home" mode since the phenomena we often call the "Fall from Grace".

The mental health professions have grouped a few symptoms together and given it one name, then a group of other symptoms another name and so on. But because they do not address the cause, each year we get more symptoms and more mental illnesses.

Louise Hay writes in "You Can Heal Your Life" that physical disease is the manifestation in our bodies of the dis-ease that is in our minds. There have been so many cases of healing through the power of the mind reported most people now take it for granted. What if Louise is 50% correct - that half of all disease could be eradicated through fixing this one small problem. That would balance the politicians health budgets for them.

All we have to do is just fix the cause, get rid of the symptoms, and live happily ever after. All we have to do is change our minds!

And what if changing our minds gave us the power to stop treating the symptoms of all of our other problems, and solve them as well. The possibilities are endless.

The Alternative Solutions Trust represents a group of autistic savants scattered around the world who have joined together, initially to find a cure for autism, and then to offer solutions to other problems affecting the human race.

If you take the time to read our pages, please start with the book on mental illness, as all other books relate to concepts raised there, and will make little sense if you do not read that section first. After that, order is not important.


The Cause of and Cure for Mental Illness

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