It's about time.


I've had the time of my life. Time Life magazine. How we confuse the two concepts.

Time is simply a human convention for quantifying the passing of life. Life is the reality, time is the human imagination. Imagining it does not make it real.

Thus there is no time travel, other than in the imagination of science fiction fans, and the curvature of time-space is a figment of physicists' imaginations. And Einstein's theory of special relativity was simply a really good practical joke for scientifically measuring optical illusions caused by motion. Time is the perfect dimension for measuring illusion as it is entirely illusionary itself.

The time travel myth comes from the female left archetype / virus. The first mothers blamed themselves for the state of the human race, even though they could not remember why. So built into the virus is only 2 allowable ways for fixing it. One was to build a time machine and go back in time to find out what went wrong and stop it from happening. This would be perfect as if this could be done then the fall from grace would never have happened, and so nobody would ever know what horrible things they imagined that they had done. The other way was even more simple - kill us all and let God sort it out. Einstein covered that one in E=MC² - the theory of relativity.

The problem with time travel is highlighted by the grace dilemma. If someone could build a time machine and go back and fix it, then it never would have happened and so no one would ever build the time machine and go back to fix it. If not fixed, it would still have happened and a time machine would be needed. An endless loop with no logical conclusion.

The theory of relativity is just as dodgy. The C² is just a constant - a really big number. If you change the relativity of size between units of mass and units of energy the formula could equally be expressed as EC²=M or just E=M. Indeed, in mathematical proofs these constants are omitted as irrelevant. Thus E=M, energy is the same as matter. Would one of Einstein's devotees mind telling me what stops my hair from turning into heat and broiling my brain? What stops my car from disintegrating into pure energy at 100km/h on the freeway? Just one of the missing links in physics.

"It was a flawed equation, as far as I was concerned. There should have been an "A" in there somewhere for Awareness—without which the "E" and the "M" and the "c²" which was a mathematical constant, could not exist."

From Breakfast of Champions   -  Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

So the arrow of time is really the arrow of life, and if scientists spent more time observing reality, and less time trying to beat reality into compliance with man made "laws", they might actually learn something of use to the human race. But not until they stop living in mirror image to their own, and everyone else's truth.