If you read the Contact us page you will see that the information contained in this web page has been put together by autistic savants from all around the world. And that is the cruel truth of autism. Autistic people are not ill, they just have all of their truth, all of their personality, all of their life skills trapped behind the wall. Behind the wall they are just as functional as the rest of us, but we keep trying to drag them out into our world of lies and deception.

And that is the cruelty of their life. Because of a choice made in the terrible two's, which left them trapped behind the wall, the autistic have the knowledge to cure mental illness and all our other problems, but without a conscious voice to implement that knowledge, to implement their will. And so they will remain trapped until the rest of the world takes down the wall and sets them free.

So the autistic have the knowledge, the rest of us have the ability - can we work together to set us both free?

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." That's in the Bible, I think!