There is no democracy anywhere on the planet. 200+ nations, most of them claiming to be democracies, yet none of them are. Put your country to the test.

In a democracy, the people are sovereign. There is no higher level. The only authority the legislature, administration and courts have are the proxies of the sovereign people as detailed in the constitution - the peoples instructions on how things will run. The concept of country or state can only ever be a description of the occupied geography or a poor convention for describing the collective sovereignty of the people. Abraham Lincoln's concept that the "state" ranked higher than the people is the foundation of all fascism. Therefore, any constitution must be reaffirmed once per generation either by referendum or constitutional convention. Clearly, a constitution that has not been reaffirmed in 100 years no longer has the vote of any living person, and thus cannot be considered a valid representation of the people's will.

Elected representatives must serve the will of the people - they are not there to force their opinion on the people. Therefore all political parties must be treated as lobby groups, and any current member of a political party must therefore be ineligible to stand for election. How can an MP claim to serve the public when they have made a commitment to implement the policies of their party which probably represents less than 1% of the public?

Legislation in parliament should be passed by more than a simple majority - two thirds or three quarters is more appropriate. This would reinforce that it is the will of the people, and not those who buy the votes of political parties, who are determining the legislation in our parliaments. This would also add much greater stability to our societies. In Australia for example, the work choices legislation would not have been passed by one parliament, and then thrown out by the next parliament if a proper majority was required to pass legislation. The same will happen with the current carbon tax legislation - passed by the current parliament it will be thrown out by the next. How can anyone run a business on this basis? Or plan a workforce?

A democracy has no president, emperor, king or queen. The head of state is the sovereign - the people. The head of the public administration is an ombud - a servant of the people not their lord and master. This should be embedded in the constitution and reflected in their role, duties and employment conditions. Equally, any treaties or agreements which are to be binding on the people should be ratified by a referendum - agreements between politicians have never been for the benefit of the people.

The parliament is limited to laws for the proper running and effective management of the public sector, and for the obligations under the principles of justice of the people as a collective. The parliament has no right to legislate to control the behavior of people where that behavior affects only themselves by choice and consent. The parliament is obliged to treat all people equally, and not play Mother Christmas with public money to selectively buy votes in targeted areas. The parliament has no power to impose any idea, belief, fashion or religion on the public.

Kings & Queens and all their hangers on have no special place in the world. They don't have blue blood. They have no special relationship with the Creator of the Universe, although they might have a special relationship with the "God" of their imagination. They have no mystical majesty or royalty. Their power comes entirely from the fact that their ancestors were the most evil people of their time - murderers, thieves etc., and the current day lot still maintain their position on the terror their ancestors caused. Can you remember a time when a monarch, any monarch, came up with a legitimate solution to any of the planet's problems? Surely, if they were so special they would know everything!

I live in Australia, so we have as our constitutional monarch Queen Elizabeth II of great Britain. British television presenter Tony Robinson makes the case in a documentary that she is possibly not the rightful monarch as one of her forebears murdered the last of the Plantagenet kings to usurp the throne. The television show QI points out that there is genetically only one chance in 50,000 that Queen Victoria was a legitimate royal. And the man Tony Robinson says should probably be King of Britain himself thinks the Monarchy is an institution past it's use by date. But equally, if it were not for the behavior of most of the public, fuelling the royals delusion disorders, they would have gone long ago. Look at the United States of America. They fought a civil war to get rid of the British royal family, and then set about electing their own royal family every 4 years. And the British royals are probably more feted in the USA than Britain. Weird, isn't it!