Part II. The Virus’s

In the previous section I explained briefly about the collective conscience, and how we call for help in times of trouble. Can you imagine what it would have been like at Hiroshima or Nagasaki when the first atomic weapons were used? Or in Europe earlier when 50 thousand people were killed in one night during the firebombing of some of their cities? Even if you were not hurt yourself, the emotional anguish caused by 50,000 calls for help would be crippling.

What if the whole planet suffered some cosmic catastrophe that wiped out 99% of the global population? How could anyone who survived continue to function? There is a means provided for this.

These conscience calls are like packets of data which are passed from brain to brain until someone claims them by acting on them, and cancels them by following through. For example a climber might be trapped on a mountain, and so their calls would go from head to head until someone set out to find them, and would finally be cancelled when they, or tragically their body,was found.

But what if a billion people died or were mortally injured and only 10 thousand survived, with many of them injured. In order to keep functioning, we can put up a mirror and just bounce the conscience packets along without processing them. This is a pre-programmed function of the brain’s software firewall, which I like to call the Janus Program – our mental gatekeeper. This stops us getting bogged down in mental anguish and lets us try to get on with our lives. The catch is that with a catastrophe of this size, most of the bodies will never be found or identified, and their conscience packets will never be cancelled. With the whole of the remaining population in survivor mode, woe betides anyone who tries to use their brain normally. Sadly every newborn child is programmed to do this, at about 2 years old, when their brain starts to fully function. The result is they get hit with this primal scream of human terror – hence the terrible two’s – and parents think they have it tough!

The cause could have been any one of the meteorites which are said to have hit earth, but I tend to favour the theory suggested by US psychohistorian Dr Immanuel Velikovsky. He believed that the moon has only been in orbit around the planet for perhaps 60,000 years, that it was a piece of space rock that hit Earth at just the right angle to be caught and trapped in orbit, after first razing most of the planet and killing most of the population. This would also explain the "full moon madness" that affects small children and the mentally ill.

The net effect is that as these conscience packets never get cancelled, every child is soon driven into the same psychological survivor mode as the rest of the population – the human race is trapped in permanent psychological disorder. And the unfortunate side effect of this permanent mirror to the collective is that we start to live in mirror image to both the collective truth and the collective conscience. In George Santayana’s words, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." And thus the virus’s started. The survivors imagined philosophies and laws, religions and rules, all of which were the truth in mirror image. The rest, as they say, is history.