Part III. The Brick In The Wall(A Picture Painted With a Thousand Words).

Imagine, if you will, a glass brick. The type used in construction to let in light but keep out heat and noise. This will represent your MUI – your Metaphysical User Interface – the means by which you transmit data and ideas to and from your brain. On the front of the brick is your adult face, and on the back is the same face, desperately trying to attract the attention of the front face.

"Some people didn’t like what the voice did say, so I took the voice and I locked it away".

 Russ Ballard – "Voices"

So the face on the front is what Freud called the Ego, our dissociative living self, while the face on the back is the SuperEgo, our higher self, the sum of all truths we dissociated in childhood to live with our society’s lies. In between is what Freud called the Id or It, Jung called the Archetypes – the globally maintained subconscious myths which shape our lives, and which are really just the programs running on our brain. Some are normal programs and some are virus’s and some are normal programs mutated by virus’s.

Thomas Edison believed he had 9 little people living in his brain, who ran his life. The American TV show Herman’s Head settled for 4. There are lots. And while they are simply computer programs we can easily represent them as people to try and make it easier to follow their interactions.

Central to the brick is a raised dais with 2 small thrones. Sitting on the thrones are a 5 year old girl and boy, the prince and princess, identical twins and obviously a younger version of the adult faces on the front and back of the brick. This is the program I called the Janus, the gatekeeper, the manager of our network card, the metaphysical gateway linking all human beings. The split, mirror image effect is the result of the second virus, The Right Bias Virus, Male = Right & Good, Female = Left and Evil, the virus imposed by religion and philosophy.

Standing behind the twins in the One Mother, the advisor to the prince and princess, the Goddess some would say. This is the first virus program, the psychological effect of permanent survivor syndrome, the evil virus, the force that makes us live in mirror image to our individual and collective truth. It has the mother image, not because there is anything wrong with our mothers, it is just that in traditional societies they were the dominant force in a child’s life in those first 5years, and thus the agent for societalisation. Standing on the floor are the societal virus’s represented by each group in society. The soldier, the sailor, the nurse, the nun, the preacher, the teacher, the farmers and tradesmen, the prostitutes and thieves. These are behavioural filter virus’s which modify how we perceive the behaviour of the individuals we meet in order to automatically affirm the lies on which they base their self image, or if we are of that profession enable us to see our behaviour in accordance with our beliefs rather than our actions.

As we travel through life the process is automatic. Each person we meet is functioning through a personality filter, so we automatically insert the corresponding filter to affirm their lies. If we don’t have a filter, we can instantly get one from the collective, guided by the One Mother’s voice –" you can’t beat the system". If you don’t put up the correct filter, the other person will simply think you are crazy, and if you make a habit of it you will most likely be declared mentally ill.

Equally, if we have professions of the lie we are taught how to put up the appropriate filter during our professional training, in order to generate the correct passive response from those we deal with. This process applies to those from both sides of the law – priests and prostitutes function psychologically in exactly the same way.

Tragically for the human race, in the 1970’s and 1980’s the mental health profession invented a new therapeutic technique. While trying to find a way to treat the symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder, without treating the cause as is there way, they developed a process of hypnotically combining 2 "personalities" into one. For some reason they picked out those which seemed to be the exact mirror image of each other. What they were dealing with were collective virus’s, global myths not "little people" and so every change they have made has been reflected in every human being on the planet.

These therapists were dealing almost exclusively with single females, and so unwittingly the subconscious mirror image truths – dare I say lies – of young women became the new truth of the human race. And so began the behaviour cycles of the last 30 + years – ethnic cleansing, state sponsored terrorism including the war on terrorism, and the decline in social standards that has given society the "ladette" – the most dysfunctional female behaviour we have probably ever seen. It has also generated conspiracy theories in so many areas of life – The Satanic Cult Conspiracy, Alien Abduction Conspiracy, Ritual Abuse Theory, Repressed Memory / False memory Conspiracy and New World Order Conspiracies too numerous to mention.

To go back to the brick in the wall model, these therapists shaped the new virus / archetype the "RALF" or Radical Anarchist Lesbian feminist. They took the existing Radical Anarchist virus – the pattern for the suffragette / feminist beliefs  as well as the criminal behaviour beliefs and merged it with the Female Left (the One Mother). But you cannot merge mirror image opposites so the Female Left was first mirrored to generate the Left Female or Lesbian Feminist. And so the RALF took over the dais, pushing the One Mother out through the back wall, and imposing her will on the Janus program – that women (and men) should love women and emasculate men. In part IV we will see how good a job we have done of this, always voluntarily, never being aware that our sub conscious programming had been changed.

The saddest side effect has been the loss of our link with reality through the One Mother virus, and the loss of our imagination, our creativity, through shutting off so much of our collective thinking ability. Instead of new films we get remakes of past films or TV shows turned into films. So many hit songs are covers of past hits. Journalism has degenerated to the point where news and current affairs shows are now little more than women’s magazines and advertisements for fad diets, fad clothes, fad lifestyles and professional entertainment loosely based on sport.