Global warming, the greenhouse, carbon and water.


The temperature of the planet is rising slowly. This is attributed to human activity - the burning of large amounts of fossil fuels over the last 200 years has increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which acts like a greenhouse in trapping heat radiated from the planet surface. Thus the temperature is rising and the ice is melting, and the climate is changing.

Our learned scientists say we must reverse this process or we will all surely die. We are killing the planet and ourselves. And not to be outdone, our politicians are either advocating schemes that will have so little effect as to be worthless, or are saying it's all a myth so let's do nothing.

Here is an alternative solution.

Geologists tell us that the Earth has had a series of ice ages, followed by reforestation as the earth re warms. That's where the oil & gas comes from. Every time we have an ice age, most of the trees and plant life get buried, and much of it is turned to oil and gas.

Without the greenhouse layer in the atmosphere there would be no life on earth. The planet would simply freeze over. Without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plants would not grow - it is the primary source of food for every plant life form on the planet. Without plants to feed the animals there would be no animals. So carbon dioxide is both plant food and the fabric of our life sustaining greenhouse. That's a funny thing to call pollution!

So we have 2 possible outcomes. On one hand is science, trying to fight nature to jam the planet in a half garden of Eden, half ice age sort of stasis. A bit like King Canute trying to stop the tides. On the other hand we have nature, trying to increase the greenhouse layer, with plant food, to set in process the melting of the ice, the rewetting of the soils and thus the reforestation of the planet. I think nature will win, but I am prepared to reconsider the "science" as soon as a scientist can produce a technical manual for earth that lists the correct mean temperature!

So that leaves the other part of the problem. The changing environment is affecting human life in many parts of the world. So we can waste billions of dollars on idiotic schemes that will achieve no measurable difference to the climate, and solve none of the problems, or we can forget about trying to fight nature, accept our carbon emissions are for the overall good of the planet and our long term future and instead focus our energies on dealing with the inconveniences that the reforestation will cause the human race.

And while we are at it, why not help nature re-establish the full functionality of the carbon / water cycle. We're all made from carbon and water - so it might be a good idea.