Everyone demands justice. It's probably the most misused word in our language. When people say justice they invariably mean right, but right automatically generates wrong, both value judgments, and thus denying justice.

We are free to will any future we want for ourselves, therefore any system of social values which is at conflict with this must be unjust.

One of the best examples of right pretending to be justice was the Nuremberg Civilian or Judges trials - the other Nuremberg. Several Judges, magistrates and policemen were tried for crimes against justice / humanity for upholding or enforcing the legally passed laws of Nazi Germany. The premise of law was held that a Judge, Magistrate or Police Officer must serve justice first, even where the law is legal and valid.

Can anyone offer an example where a USA, USSR, British or French Judge, Magistrate or Police Officer ever put justice before the law? How many times has a Judge or Magistrate ever sympathized with the victim of their injustice, yet still found them guilty because "it's the law".

The only case I know of is the mythical Judge John Deed of British Television, a show which has been criticized by the legal system for being ridiculously unrealistic.

I wonder if any law passed in the western world in the last 20 years, since our psychological ralf'ing, would pass the test of justice?