The Carbon Tax

To demonstrate their contempt for the Sovereign people of Australia and their absolute commitment to living in mirror image to their individual and our collective truth, the Mad Rangers Carbon Party and Bob's Brown - not Green - Planet Hating Machine have combined to force a carbon tax on the People of Australia.

This is a wonderful tax - it is deliberately designed to do absolutely nothing for the environment, and is simply yet another wealth redistribution tax by stealth.

Firstly, if you want to use a tax to reduce carbon emissions you don't then pay out the entire tax collection plus to compensate the taxed and take away any incentive to reduce carbon emissions. The politicians claim it is a tax on polluters, yet those companies taxed will simply put up prices to cover increased costs. The increased prices will be paid by consumers, most of which will be overcompensated in advance and thus have no incentive to reduce purchases of taxed items. Reduction in carbon emissions? Nothing.

The only purpose of the tax is to take some money from more affluent Australians and give it to less affluent Australians to buy votes for the political parties concerned. But those who will be taxed and not compensated mostly determine their own income - so they will simply give themselves a pay rise to compensate, and reverse the taxation process. Or perhaps the real purpose of the Carbon Tax - the only thing it has achieved - is to keep Julia Gillard Prime Minister. It would appear that Julia has no regard for the economy, no regard for the environment, no regard for the people of Australia - just the willingness for all of us to pay any price necessary to keep her PM. And of course, Mr. Rabbit's Naysayers say Nay! What a contribution to political debate!

And the imaginary reason for imposing the tax - improving the environment - has no basis in reality! The Government has taxed cigarettes to higher and higher prices to make smoking less affordable and thus encourage people to quit. What if they had paid smokers a rebate of the tax every time they bought a pack or a carton? Just go to the Post Office or Medicare, show them your receipt, and get your taxes back. Absolutely no incentive to quit. The carbon tax is imposed on the public - the taxed companies just pass the price on. The public are compensated in advance. Where's the incentive to change? It's a good thing the doomsday prophets have got it wrong again. If there was any truth in their ravings we would all be doomed!


The simple answer is:

Leave things alone - a gradual return to the Garden of Eden.

Bob & Julia's tax (if it could possibly work) - a one way ticket to the Desert of Drought.


Has there ever been a greater demonstration of contempt for the People of Australia and the process of government? A minority government breaks an election promise to impose a pointless tax, knowing that it will be revoked at the next election when these people are voted out of office. And Bob's already run for cover - back to Tasmania to turn a small deciduous forest into children's books to brainwash them with his bizarre view of the world. Is the current federal parliament not proof that mental illness already affects 100% of voters? That's the sad truth of the current political system. At each election, no matter which party wins, the people lose!