The Generation Game


Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a gradual change from one generation to the next. As each generation is the product of it's parenting, and thus it's parents parenting, it is no wonder that a society that lives in mirror image to it's every truth blames the children for what society has done to them. Society is to blame!

So what we have is a series of generations which reflect the changing role in society that women play, and the extent to which womens "truth" has replaced men's "truth" as the basis of societal belief. This has been masked by a profound change in technology which many offer as the cause of generational change.

It started with the suffragette movement. Equal voting rights for women. Even if their logic was questionable, and their explanations of how the existing situations came about even more questionable, there is absolutely no doubt that for a society to function correctly men and women must have an equal say in the laws and government. So the suffragettes brought about the first change.

We then went through the first stage of liberation which came to a halt with the great depression. The second world war saw such a drain on manpower that women were soon invited to join virtually every trade and profession by necessity. In spite of the war, this gave women personal and financial freedoms they had rarely experienced before. Then the war was over and the men came home. And society failed again. Working women everywhere were simply told to go home. The men were back - they no longer had  jobs. As they say, hell has no fury like a women scorned.

The women abandoned by society after the war became the mothers of the baby boomer generation. The daughters of this generation became the women's liberation movement, fuelled by the deep subconscious resentment their mothers had for the way society had treated them after the war. So most of the baby boomer girls took jobs when they left school, fought so they could keep those jobs when they married, and many came back to work as soon as possible after having children. And rightly so. And society failed a second time. The post war technological boom had eliminated a lot of jobs. Rapid population expansion meant a large increase in the workforce. These women could not take their husband's or father's jobs, society did not respond with changed workplace conditions, so they simply took their children's jobs. But that was all right. The media branded their kids dole bludgers so everyone was happy.

Every facet of society failed when the baby boomer mums came back to work. It was not their fault - they had as much right to a job as any one else. But so did their kids, and that's where society failed. Mum's got the jobs, kid's got mc'jobs or no jobs at all. And every part of society blamed the kids. They're dole bludgers. They're lazy. There's jobs everywhere if they want them (so why is there over 30% unemployment). One of the best examples was banks and insurance companies which used to take up large numbers of school leavers each year and now employ none.

And we are condemned to repeat what we cannot remember. So now women demand positive discrimination in the workplace - they are now firm believers in equality as long as they can be more equal than men. As women have moved into senior management and politics they have moved to eradicate just about every worthwhile school leaver position from the workplace - The PMG technicians training school, the apprentice programs of most government departments particularly railways, water & sewage, roads and transport  - the list goes on. Australia now has a massive skills shortage and no plan to fix it (that will work). Kids are forced by law to stay in school for years extra, learning nothing of benefit to anyone, to artificially reduce the unemployment numbers.

And so we have had generation X - the lost generation. And then generation Y who are regularly criticized for either not wanting to work, not being capable of working, or if they are lucky enough to get a job, expecting to start at the top. And to fix our skills shortage - no point training our own kids - let's just import economic slave labor from our Asian neighbors. That will make the problem worse for sure.

Isn't it shameful. When men and women fight, children are always the first to suffer. I understand that politicians are pathologically stupid, but sooner or later we will have to sort this out. With so many from the boomer generation about to retire, how can we justify unemployment among the younger generation of 30% plus. It's surely time for a new deal in the workplace - for men, women and youth. Fair to all, equal for all. Real work, real training, no bull.