It’s Love!

What Freud called the Id is a man-made subconscious phenomenon with the purpose of protecting lies and liars, and providing false truths to mask the lies – the rules of dissociation.

We all have our personal part of the Id, which covers our personal life, family life and societal life. When we commit to a relationship, our Id’s merge so that we always protect each other’s personal, family and societal dissociations. One small drawback is that the partner of a cheating spouse will always be the last to know, and be kept in the dark by their own subconscious.

It is estimated that as much as 90% of our mental capacity is used to maintain the Id.

Over the last half century or so we have had an explosion of both “mixed” marriages and divorce and remarriage. The mixed marriages tie together religions and cultures previously kept isolated from each other and the increase in second, third and more marriages increases the degree the various cultures become intertwined. As a result, the amount of our brains processing power required to maintain the Id slowly increases.

So, it’s not 5G, chemtrails or inoculations that is slowly dumbing down the human race, it’s love. At least our increasing stupidity is for a good cause.