The battle of the sexes. Like all wars, nobody wins. Like all wars, children are the primary casualties. The cycle thus continues.


100 years of psychology and they haven't sorted out that there is a fundamental difference in the psychological make up of men and women.

Traditionally children were born into a society with the fundamental domestic relationships determined by two fundamental archetypes or virus's. The public arena was the domain of the Right Male virus, while anywhere women gathered was the domain of the Female Left virus, but only when there were no men present. During any time that men were present women reverted to the Right Male virus. Based on the concept Male = Right = Good, Female = Left = Evil, the male virus was the conscious controller, while the female virus was the subconscious controller and its truth was the mirror image of the Right Male virus.

All children spent the first few (5?) years almost exclusively in the presence of women - mothers, grandmothers, nanny's and older sisters. Rarely were men around, only on special occasions, and so all children first learned the female view of the world. Once they were old enough they went off to school, or work, and found themselves in the men's world, where they quickly learned the "real" truth of how the world worked. The physical and emotional beatings they received - from the men - for their stupidity, and from the women for their not agreeing with the men - served to reinforce the virus's and set their view of the world. The punishments were not deliberate acts of violence, but psychotic episodes where the adult momentarily lost control of their behavior to the virus. Thus the adult forgot about it as soon as the episode had passed. And the child soon learned to forget it as well - it was for his or her own good anyway - or so the adults said.

So by the time they were six or seven most children had settled into societal life. There was one little snag. Buried in their subconscious was an automatic subservient response to the subconscious will of their mother and any other women who were authority figures in their lives. They learned very quickly to do as women thought, not as they said. Just because Mother publicly agreed with Father, doesn't mean she actually agreed with him, and children had to quickly learn which was her real truth.

At puberty the difference occurs. Boys remain boys - ask any woman - men never psychologically grow up. Their bodies change, but their mind doesn't. The changes in girls trigger the psychological change which leaves them with a "split" personality. As they move into adulthood they develop the ability to function in both the female left virus when only with other women or small children and also the right male virus when in mixed company. This causes them much confusion, and mental illness if they try to fight it. And it happens, with no conscious desire, to both men and women, because of the choices made - the direction of will - during the "terrible two's".

The side effect is that men spend their lives to some degree unconsciously responsive to the thoughts of the women in their lives simply because that is the way the archetypes, the virus's are constructed. Sometimes this results in wives getting "unexpexted" gifts - exactly what they had been imagining for the last 3 months - and sometimes it results in violence. Say a wife lies to her husband about the price of her new shoes. She spends the next 3 months thinking constantly that if he finds out he'll hit me. Then one day, usually during an argument, she tells him the real price and he hits her. I guess in a dual mirror imaged world, you have to take the good with the bad.

This is not an attempt to justify or excuse violence in relationships - there is no justification for violence by men or women in relationships. But could it be more glaringly obvious. If men and women were to stop blaming each other for their own contributions to their lives, and willed the virus's from their lives, it would go a long way towards ridding society of violence.

The above description is for people born before the RALF'ing of the population. Since then, what was a subconscious action has now been included in the conscious behavior of men and women. Women overtly manipulate men while men both acknowledge and accept this as their lot in life. But it is the area of relationship violence that has changed. Women have become overtly violent towards men, and men are accepting that too, while in many areas governments are passing laws to assist and reward women who lie about relationship violence. I recently observed a young couple walking through a shopping mall. The lady was walking behind the man and kicking him in the backside every second step. Had it been the other way around it would have been stopped, but because it was the woman kicking the man it is apparently acceptable. And he no doubt knew that the price of complaining was to be falsely accused of violence himself. I just attended a course at TAFE-SA. Part of the material presented was a short video using actors do play the role of a quizmaster and 2 contestants - 1 male 1 female. When the female contestant doesn't get her own way she knees the quizmaster in the groin and tries to do the same to the male contestant. If the roles were reversed, and the male assaulted the female because he couldn't get his own way, the video would be banned. A politically correct government education facility openly teaching that violence is acceptable as long at is women assaulting men.

Clearly, to violence against men South Australia's women say yes! Yes! YES!

South Australia's legislation to assist and reward women who lie about relationship violence is covered in the book on democracy.