Psychology – An historical view.


When I first began to look at psychology, it fascinated me how similar the views of the first psychologists and psychiatrists really were. But what fascinated me even more was that when their ideas were combined there was only one real explanation for our mental states – that we live in a virtual reality generated by our collective imaginations and so suppress our true state of being. Even more curious was the common acceptance of this state of existence – no one seemed to think there is anything wrong with a society with an almost 100% delusion disorder. You can fool almost all of the people all the time – but only because they consent to being fooled.

Psychology 2

An very simplistic representation of some of the common mental illnesses. Our Super Ego, to use Freud’s term, lives in a state of blissful ignorance as everything we consciously perceive is filtered by the sub personalities or archetypes to protect ourselves from reality. It also shows how easily multiple views of one life can be maintained.

Wall Effect 3

So that presents 3 questions. How did we get this way? Why do we accept it as normal? How much of our mental ability is taken up providing our metaphysical rose coloured glasses?

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