Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence begins at home.

Psychology tells us that our personalities are formed in the first 5 years of our lives, and are very difficult to change after that. So our attitudes to relationship violence are most likely learned at the same time.

As Peggy O’Mara says: “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”

Many parents still believe that violence is acceptable in child raising. Yet to make themselves feel better they blame their assaults on the child. “You deserved that.” Don’t you make me hit you.” “This will hurt me more than it hurts you.” “Do you wan’t me to hit you?” “I only punish you because I love you.”

Louise Hay promotes the concept that in our adult relationships we recreate the emotional state of our early childhood family relationships. So is it any wonder that so many victims feel they are to blame for what happens to them, and so many perpetrators feel compelled to do what they do and often see their actions as loving just as their parents taught them to.

Relationship violence, as defined in many of our laws, occurs in almost every relationship at some time or other, with both genders being equally represented as perpetrators, and thus as victims. As with all problems it will not stop until the actual cause is reversed.

As long as we allow radical feminism to politicise one side of the issue only, women, children and men will continue to suffer.

Yet another reason to dismantle the archetypes and stop this madness passing from generation to generation.




There is a marvelous little trick that evolved to make relationships work. As we commit to a relationship, or when we get married all of the subconscious processes that make up the Id component of the psyche merge. In this way each partner automatically affirms the myths of the others family and culture, and honours the lies on which those myths are based. Instant happy marriage. Well it was for thousands of years until Dr Mayer did his hypnotic magic.
Then all hell broke loose. Not only did we lose the calming influence of our inner Mother  – our conscience – we also have been left to deal with the reversal of reality and imagination as the mental health services have plucked fantasies from our subconsciousness and declared them repressed memories – reality.
The process of merging mirror image alters used by Dr Mayer and others to “treat” Dissociative Identity Disorder has effectively left these people psychologically “married” to either themselves or their imaginary “internal mother”. I wonder how well the clients who have suffered this process cope with relationships these days?

An example of the merger process. A couple married. Due to the power of dissociation he had no memories of nearly being drowned by his mother during a psychotic episode when he was 3 years old. Nor did he know that he, and not his mother, was carrying those memories as part of his “internal mother” archetype. Many years after they had married she started having mental health issues, and sure enough up popped his repressed memory but as a memory of her trying to drown him on their wedding night. They had honeymooned at a motel on the beachfront so imagination was easily able to fill in the details.

When she told him what she had remembered, he discovered he had matching memories –  her hand on his head pushing him under, the waves splashing on his face, the gasping for air, and of her pulling him back up and holding him while he got his breath back. Real, graphic and entirely false. It would take another 20 years, the breakup of their marriage and  the death of both his parents before his real memories came to the surface – without hypnosis or any other form of repressed memory “therapy”.
I think the world is in for a reality check as the archetype structure collapses. For years we have been running court cases where the statute of limitations, the rules of evidence and the principles of justice have been thrown out in order to reach politically correct verdicts. Yet clearly, while the archetype structure remains intact, no one – not the legal services, the mental health services or the people themselves – can ever know for sure what memories are real and what are the product of imagination reinforcing the archetypes. This is particularly relevant to the Catholic Church – without the archetype structure it would never have come into existence yet that same archetype structure under the control of a different sector of society is destroying it. I wonder how much of the evidence will turn out to be real, archetypal imagination (derived from some one else’s experiences) or pure fantasy.

‘Tis a sorry mess we have got ourselves into!

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