Kings and Priests

There are problems with living in permanent disorder – survival mode. First by accident and then by habit we do things which are contrary to the system of free will and thus create a conscience event in the collective mind. In ordered mode someone would deal with that – make restitution on behalf of society – put things right. In permanent disorder the same function takes place however, due to the effect of the mirror, instead of making restitution someone is driven by their conscience to repeat the event and make things worse. Thus a breach of free will soon becomes a societal or cultural norm. As George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. What were once vices are now habits!

A second problem comes from spending our lives basing our view of the world on imagination, rather than reality. We start to base our cultures on some really weird ideas, often started by a new generation using their imagination to try and understand the crazy world they find themselves living in.

The first of these was the concept of divine right, and the splitting of all belief into right and wrong or right and left. A new layer was forced into our damaged psyches to match the new beliefs imposed by those who forced their rights on the rest of the population. Because they did not go back and heal the initial fall from Grace and the psychological effects that had caused the existing archetypes remained in place and new ones were added.

The “Child Within” came about to automatically generate in children subconscious support for the concept of Right – that somehow a person is entitled to impose their will on others even though this is a breach of the system of free will. The odd bit is that every time the man who would be king claimed Divine Right to the position – claimed that they were God’s chosen representative on Earth or even God himself – even though they were acting in breach of the system of free will which came from the real “god”.

So we ended up with 2 layers to our society, supported by the right male and female left archetypes. The right male represented, regardless of physical gender, the conscious or public behaviour of individuals, and the female left represented the private behaviour of individuals based on life before the king appointed himself.


Interestingly this highlights one of life’s conundrums – who came first – the policeman or the criminal. The kings soon got tired of killing, abusing and bullying their “subjects” themselves, and recruited the most violent thugs available to do their bidding for them. These were the first “policemen” and as the king’s position was a crime against humanity so was every action taken by those policemen. So the first policeman was the first criminal and the first criminal was actually the first victim of crime. The power of the metaphysical mirror to reverse truth. The archetypal residue still affects to some extent the behaviour of all of our police officers today.


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – in metaphysics as well as physics. Everything the king and his bullies did caused conscience events, which both increased the power of the king and due to the mirror/split in the middle of the “child within” built an opposition to the king. Unable to restore Grace, many men put on fake mothers frocks to reclaim her ancient authority to impose a new god which only they knew, and break the power of the king by forcing him to accept a subservient role. Thus they were able to transfer enormous power and wealth to their churches. They soon learned that survival meant taking on a background role keeping the masses suppressed and serving the king and other nobles, a role they were very successful at. And the opposite action to this was the radical anarchists – those men and women who opposed the status quo and those women who felt they had been unjustly shut out of the societal processes.

Priests in virtually all religions reinforced the “child within” archetype with the phrase male = right & good, female = left & evil. Standard cult behaviour – control the women and the men will follow. Every woman carried some residual guilt from their ancestors incorrectly blaming themselves for the fall from grace. By enhancing that guilt they convinced women that they were evil, but if they did as the priests told them they would be saved from themselves. For many an offer too good to refuse – even today. Yet evil is simply live in mirror image and what gave this phrase it’s power was it’s underlying truth – that at archetype level “the one mother” was living in mirror image to her own truth by blaming herself for the fall from grace. Sadly this psychological con gave religion enormous power.

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