The First Fall

Prior to the fall from Grace, and for each new born child our mental processes can be modeled as below. All of our combined knowledge is available to everyone and we can learn from either internal guidance or mentor reinforcement of what our mind is telling us. There is no need to write anything down as it is always available  and always the same information – unless someone comes up with a new or improved idea in which case it becomes almost instantly available to everyone. We simply work harmoniously as a societal group.

And so it must have been a long time ago – an idyllic life in a “Garden of Eden” when something went wrong on a global scale and threw the survivors into chaos. Immanuel Velikovsky was vilified for suggesting it might have been the arrival of the moon which just happened to hit at the right angle to get trapped in Earth orbit, although that would explain our current fears of the killer rock from space. Given the concept of being kicked out of the Garden of Eden as part of our fall, it would seem to coincide with the beginning of an ice age.


If something happened that wiped out almost all of the population, and those people were all fully savant, the survivors would be overwhelmed with the metaphysical distress beacons and subconscious calls for help of all those who died or suffered injury. The living would be overwhelmed by the cries of the dead or dying and would lose the ability to function themselves. However, we have an inbuilt design feature for just this situation – survivor mode. By activating a metaphysical mirror in our brains we are able to just pass the messages on without experiencing or having any awareness of them. Then we can get on with trying to save ourselves, and those around us we can also save. It’s a bit like the process that takes place when we have a major disaster or  transport accident. The able bodied must ignore the pain and suffering of the injured around them and impersonally allocate available resources according to need and where they will do the most good. In these situations eventually help turns up and apart from taking over with the emergency also provides the psychological trigger to bring the survivors out of survivor mode. But what if no one turns up?


Analysis of the archetype structures and the recurring theme in so many “End of the world as we know it ” movies shows that the survivors were mostly mothers and young children. Whether they survived in specially built shelters because our ancestors knew what was coming, or just isolated farmhouses in protected valleys, it created an untenable position for the few people involved.

In order to function, they had to operate permanently in survivor mode, which shut out the calls of the dead and dying and also shut out access to all common knowledge. Purely by accident, with no malice, we began our fall from Grace as our common knowledge was replaced with “mother’s fables” as the carers of small children began to find ways to cope, and to answer the questions of the children in their charge. Many of the children automatically tried to access the One Mind, but rather than enlightenment they were hit by the full force of the “Primal Scream” of those who didn’t make it.

And so the survivors slipped into the first stage of the virtual reality – a society based on myth because nothing else was available.

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