The Way Back

However, all was not lost. Rejoined behind the privacy of the Wall was all that had been dissociated by the living in order to function in our “People of the Lie” society. All that is savant. Almost the entire person that came into the world. And they wanted their lives back. With the “real” world safely in the hands of the RALF’s, merchants, conspiracy theorists and criminals, all supported and justified by the broken and corrupted institutions of the preachers, teachers, impeachers and screechers, our subconscious selves set about learning how the world really worked – how to reclaim their birthright.


They soon had themselves sitting in parallel with the remnants of the archetype structure and were quickly able to analyse how it works, and plan for it’s dismantling. The first step was to get rid of the left right split that divides the child within, and thus the child within. All that was required was an act of will. One day in a discussion on a Facebook page the subject actually came up and a man and a woman agreed that the battle of the sexes, the insane left right split, was both unnatural and unhealthy and should end. No one objected, and so within 48 hours the “child within” was gone.


So now we are left with the above model. We remain consciously in disorder, and thus continue to maintain two views of the world – one in each side of our brains. One is our personal disordered, view of the world and how it works, based on our culture, education and how we responded to life’s experiences. It is no longer maintained by any collective archetypes, as to do so would be a breach of the system of free will, and as long as there is one functional person on the planet willing a life free of other peoples crap in their minds it will stay that way.

To avoid the subconscious overlay of ideas we had with the archetype system each person has to heal their dodgy beliefs, or take them to the grave. Meanwhile the children now being born will grow up without the archetypes using up 90% of their mental faculties and will have the intelligence and mental functionality to reflect that.

Each person now alive has free will, and thus can choose to keep their current beliefs or, by act of will, start to replace them with the equivalent savant knowledge. Anyone who chooses that path will find sitting in the other side of their mind all they need to know for their new outlook on life. No drugs, no therapy just a simple act of will. We should all get some prompting from the rest of society as past habits break and people start to write and say, by choice or by accident, the things that “must never be written or spoken”.

All I did was to affirm from time to time that I now see the world as it really is, but at a rate that I can comfortably assimilate the things I learn.

I did have some help. One day I was talking to a psychologist – a lovely lady – when I mentioned the concept of the suppression of the racial memories. I asked if there was any reason for suppressing our true history or any rule or law that demands it. She assured me there wasn’t and I am free to remember what I like. We ended agreeing that the whole concept had been stupid and all collective suppression of the past should end. No one objected so it has.

Finally, to answer the 3 questions I posed at the beginning:

How did we get this way? By accident.

Why do we accept it as normal? We are brought up to accept it as normal through conscious teaching and subconscious programming.

How much of our mental ability is taken up providing our metaphysical rose coloured glasses? Approximately 85% averaged over the planets population.

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