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What Freud called The Id, Jung called Archetypes, Pirsig called the Mythos and Assagioli called sub personalities are all the same thing. Human malware. Thought processes running subconsciously in your mind to your detriment but to the benefit of others. Where the psychologists and psychiatrists went wrong is that they assumed these phenomena were naturally occurring – human nature – rather than a result of human activity – humanity denatured.
The ID or Mythos is the total of all of these malevolent thought processes. Archetypes are the collective action of a single process and a subpersonality is the individual thought process running on a individual mind.
The mental health professions have done enormous damage by treating this malware as a normal part of human mental processes, particularly the practitioners of Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis.
This malware is easily removed – the anti malware programme is preinstalled. This corruption of human thought processes is the underlying cause of all mental illness and most of our other problems as well.
The ongoing presence of this malware is the human races fall from grace, and the sad part is it probably came about entirely by accident What follows is an attempt to model both the evolution of the mythos and how it affects our behaviour.
The words are illustrated with a series of diagrams which combine to make the big picture below. Please feel free to download the drawing and print it if it helps explain anything – it’s a bit big but I think it is just readable at A3 size.

So come with me on a journey through the darkest corridors of our minds.


I know where the light switches are.

Download “The Big Picture”

Let the journey begin.

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