Ideas from the one mind – the computer designed for deep thought.

Many years ago I was a technician working on a radar system. Our radar was a complex electronic device so it’s designers had built in BITE and BIRE – built in test equipment and built in repair equipment – to make our job easier. One day I got to thinking what if the human race had the equivalent built in functions.

So I read a few psychology books and saw the possibility. If there was some sort of metaphysical system to protect free will, and it included a collective conscience for generating a repair message when things went wrong that would be the BITE. And if the means of correcting what went wrong was to apply that repair message back into the system by the expression of will that would be the BIRE. Could it be?

I thought about it for 10 years, read all the books I could find on any remotely similar subject, and then one day it came to me. What if somehow a routine or thought process got wedged between the collective conscience, and the conscious application of will, which caused us to apply the repair message in mirror image. We would get stuck in a feedback loop, whereby the harder we tried to fix our problems the worse we would make them. An individual vice would become a collective habit. The human race would fall from Grace. And sadly, what we call mental illness would just be groups of symptoms of this fall.

I thought about it for another 20 years, making several attempts to both model what has happened, and write some sort of description. This is where I am at at the moment. The words are illustrated with a series of diagrams which combine to make the big picture below. Please feel free to download the drawing and print it if it helps explain anything – it’s a bit big but I think it is just readable at A3 size.

So come with me on a journey through the darkest corridors of our minds.


I know where the light switches are.

Download “The Big Picture”

Let the journey begin.

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