The Second Fall

Everyone knew, at least in the privacy of their own heads, that things had gone from bad to worse with the power struggle between monarch and church. But trapped in perpetual disorder, shut off from any real understanding of the massive accident that had befallen humanity yet again imagination driven by the reversed collective conscience came up with another solution. There were now 3 main groups who felt they were missing out on their rightful place in society.

The first were the second and subsequent sons of the aristocracy, who too often were taking out their frustration at not inheriting lands and titles by plotting, often with their mothers, the murder of their fathers and eldest brothers. This was way too destabilising, and some way had to be found to stop it – as long as the aristocrats didn’t have to pay for it. The answer was found in the evolution of the men in frocks archetype to the the full blown preachers , teachers, impeachers and screeches archetype.The fathers paid for an education for their sons and then left them to find a place, paid for by the masses, in the church, the education system, the parliament – public service – law – military systems or the arts. And as long as they didn’t buck the system and protected the positions of privilege of their fathers and older brothers they could look forward to a lifetime of public funding for mostly make-work.

The second group were the rebellious daughters who became the suffragettes then feminists and then radical feminists as their power grew. Shut out of roles  in government, education etc they justly protested. Yet driven by the mirror imaging effect of the archetype structure they blamed men for their problems in life even though the main opposition – for the suffragettes at least – came from their own mothers and grandmothers.

The prosecution of the suffragettes made them criminals which combined them with the third group – the criminal fraternity and radical anarchists who saw the actions of the ruling classes as criminal abuse and theft and used their actions as justification for their own crimes. Yet the criminal class is driven from the same collective conscience as the ruling class is – just operating from the other side of the mirror of the archetypes.

During the same period there was a massive expansion in the availability of education. This increased the power and influence of academics in almost all areas of life. With the academics quick to support the claims of feminism the last 100 years has seen the rapid fading to a secondary level of the traditional right male / female left archetypes with the social upheaval that has caused. And still, entirely caused by everyone on the planet remaining stuck in survivor mode, driven relentlessly by operating the collective conscience in mirror image.


The One Mother archetype was our link to Grace. “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” says Peggy O’Mara. The archetype is not the physical mother but is that part of all of our culture passed down from generation to generation and learned at our mothers knee. It has a rather unique quality – if anything comes through from consciousness that is validated as true by the savant side of the archetype the entire archetype structure changes to allow that new truth. This is how we learn new things – well new to us anyway. Hence the old saying – “truth must never be written, truth must never be spoken or the philosophers position of power and privilege will come to an end”. If someone could ever guess what really happened to us, what the fall from grace really was, the whole structure may simply fall apart.


Jump to the early 1980’s. The world was changing for the better in many ways. Gender equality and acceptance of other cultures and philosophies was on the increase. Disarmament of nuclear weapons was beginning to happen. War was fading from memory for many people. The post war reconstruction and baby boom had brought prosperity to many countries. Things were looking good. But there were still groups left out in the past who would be pushed to the fore by the archetype structure.

The first was trade – the merchants and traders who had been shunned in Victorian times but whose money and businesses had been the only winners in WW1 and WW2. They wanted what they saw as their rightful place at the top of the societal tree and with control of the wealth of their societies simply took it. As per usual, the preachers teachers et al saw which way the wind was blowing and took the merchants shilling to do their bidding. All of it legally above board – after all, they write the laws.

The second was the feminist movement, empowered by the archetype systems function in making their belief system totally plausible especially when their beliefs were not truth but truth in mirror image as provided by that same archetype system.

And the third was organised crime – made even stronger by the corruption that was part of the alliance between the merchants and the political system. With the global parliaments passing the laws banning a variety of drugs they were handed an empire and funding beyond even their wildest dreams. That archetype system again.

But a new player had emerged into the mix. Psychotherapy had become the new fashion. And with psychotherapy came hypnosis. Society ended up with people who had no idea what was going on in peoples minds using a “therapeutic” tool even though they had no idea how it worked. Not their fault. They had all studied hard and had been led to believe by their training institutions that they had been adequately trained with real knowledge. Yet as long as they did not see the fall from Grace for what it was they could never know anything about our minds that was not truth in mirror image. And reference to archetypes and suppressed racial memories were soon dropped from training courses all together – even the dumbest student would ask why, if we are living in fantasy land, we don’t do something to fix it.

So therapists using hypnosis began to drag from peoples subconscious minds “repressed memories” and treat them for them. Except in many cases they were not the real memories of that person but the unanswered call for help of someone else which had been floating around the archetype structure for decades or millennia. This artificial manipulation of the archetype structure caused havoc. Apart from the destruction of families torn apart from “false” “repressed” memories, the archetype structure that had stood for years began to self destruct. The most noticeable indication of this was the sudden rise to almost epidemic proportions of what was first called Multiple Personality Disorder and then Dissociation Identity Disorder.

This is a twice misnamed disorder which comes about when a persons conscious belief in themselves is shattered, and they drift through the underlying layer of archetypes – sub personalities – looking for  new self. This results from several causes including use of recreational drugs, hypnosis and self hypnosis, extended or frequent exposure to anesthetics and from psycho-traumatic experiences such as violent (real or imaginary) relationship breakups and deaths of close family and friends. If encouraged this process can lead to a person who uses different sub personalities, all with different names, to cope with different people and experiences and who thus never stabilise.

It was the attempted treatment of a woman with DID by a US psychoanalyst around 1983 which caused the second fall from Grace. First he started using hypnosis to merge personalities that he saw as mirror images. But what he saw as personalities were archetypes – a component of the subconscious mind of every person on the planet. So when he merged them in his patient, within 48 hours the same change had occurred in every head on the planet. So he merged the female left with the radical anarchist and made the modern feminist – the RALF or Radical Anarchist Lesbian Feminist. Two mirror images cannot merge as one unless one of them mirrors to match the other so in this case the traditional mother – the left female mirrored to match the radical anarchist. The RALF philosophy is that women should love women and emasculate men and I think that the eagerness men have shown to emasculate themselves since 1983 clearly demonstrates the power that archetypes have.

Then he had another bright idea – got too many personalities just kill them off. He started with an identity called Anne – the name that means Grace. And that’s who it was. Not a self contained person in his client’s head but the entire global “One Mother” archetype – the only remaining functional link between the collective mind and consciousness. Within 48 hours he had succeeded in destroying our link to conscience, imagination, the one mind – all that made us human or could once again make us human. But it was not his fault – he was encouraged and advised by other more senior members of the profession, and was also very much under the control of the mental health archetypes.

His name was Dr Robert Mayer and his story is told in his book “Through Divided Minds”.

Fortunately he didn’t actually kill her. The societal self collapsed, no longer having any purpose in the archetype structure, and the savant self slipped quietly through the wall of Autism to join with the other dissociated truths from childhood.

And the insanity of the late 80’s and “no blame” 90’s began. Possibly something to do with having merged the merchant archetype with the criminal component of the radical anarchist archetype. I’ll let you guess which one mirrored to match the other in that unholy alliance.

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